1980 -1980

Accident, failed uprighting

Accident: After the accident

William Graham about the accident

British Bill Graham worked on the Edda platform and lived on Kielland. Listen to an audio...

Accident: During the accident

Alexander L Kielland – Norway’s worst-ever industrial accident

”Mayday, Mayday, Alexander Kie...” Baste Fanebust, shipping coordinator at the Ekofisk...

Accident: During the accident

Witnessed rescue operation from land

Lars B Takla, later CEO at Phillips Petroleum Company Norway, was a chief engineer with...

Accident: During the accident

Phillips Petroleum Company logs

Read Phillips Petroleum Company's logs from the accident

Accident: During the accident

Alarms at the Rogaland Central Hospital

Torbjørn Erga worked as a porter at the Central Hospital in Rogaland. Early in the...

Consequences: Memories

Survived the Alexander L. Kielland disaster – Tony Sylvester

My name is Tony Sylvester. One of the platforms that I was working on was in the Ekofisks,...

Consequences: Memories

123 never came back

At the memorial in Førresfjorden Per Priest said: There is not 123, but one, and one, and...

Accident: During the accident

Cleanup and search for the deceased at the Ekofisk field

Five diving vessels were involved in the cleanup.

Consequences: Memories

Surviving the Kielland accident – Svendsbøe

The head emerging from the foaming waves was white as chalk. By the time it disappeared...

Accident: After the accident

What happened to Henrik Ibsen?

The Henrik Ibsen was towed out to Ekofisk on 18 April 1976. This Pentagone-type unit, with...

Accident: During the accident

Towing the Capsized Kielland rig

The towing of the capsized Kielland rig ashore was a challenging operation that involved...

Investigation: The work of the Commission of Inquiry

Initial investigations of the wreckage after the rig was towed ashore

At 8:10 on Monday morning, April 21st, 1980, the M/S Åmøyfjord departed from Kalhammeren...

Accident: During the accident

Complaints about drilling during the search for the deceased

The divers complained that drilling mud was being released while the search was ongoing.

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First righting attempt

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