What caused the Alexander L. Kielland-accident?Scuttle or turn the plattform? PM Nordli audio recording

Survivors and bereaved one year after

Norwegian National Broadcaster, NRK, covers the situation of those who were left behind a year ofter the accident.
Written by Norwegian Petroleum Museum
- Harald Øyerhamn, som omkom i Alexander L. Kielland-ulykken. Her med Henrik Ibsen i bakgrunnen. (Foto: Børsheim privat)

Widowed mother of four, Rakel Øyerhamn lost her husband Harald in the Kielland accident. She and the other survivors and bereaved tell us about their experiences in this program, a year after the tradgedy occurred. There are rumors about the “rich Kielland widows” who received millions of Norwegian Kroner as compensation. For these who were left behind, reality is quite different. Survivors who struggle getting back to work due to trauma run into financial problems. Meanwhile, the debate about what is going to happen to the wreckage of the platform rages on in the media.

The program from the Norwegian National Broadcaster, aired 25th of May 1981 is available to watch here (In Norwegian, no subtitles):

NRK TV – Alexander L. Kielland – ett år etter


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