Survivors and bereaved one year afterInterrogation regarding cracks in the Kielland rig

Scuttle or turn the plattform? PM Nordli audio recording

Watch the debate on whether to scuttle or turn the rig from the Norwegian National Broadcaster.
Written by Norwegian Petroleum Museum

After the accident, there was uncertainty about what to do with the wreck. The debate about turning the Kielland platform rig around was characterised by an intense discussion between differing interests. The authorities’ promise to turn the rig around met with opposition from insurance companies, politicians and technical experts.

An important part of the discussion centred on the promise to do everything possible to turn the platform rigaround. The bereaved and survivors, supported by labour unions and the church, argued strongly that the rig had to be turned. They believed it was morally and ethically right to turn the platform rig and thus do everything possible to find the missing and learn from the accident.

On the other hand, there was considerable resistance. Insurance companies and individual politicians wanted to scuttle the rig instead. Their arguments centred on the costs and technical challenges of turning such a large structure. They also believed that a thorough investigation could be carried out even if the rig was sunk.

Watch the debate here:

NRK TV – Senke eller snu (Norwegian)






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