Kielland one year after.

See the report from NRK dated May 25, 1981
Written by Norwegian Petroleum Museum
- Harald Øyerhamn, som omkom i Alexander L. Kielland-ulykken. Her med Henrik Ibsen i bakgrunnen. (Foto: Børsheim privat)

The mother of young children, Rakel Øyerhamn, lost her husband Harald in the Alexander L. Kielland disaster. She and other survivors and bereaved individuals recount the situation one year after the tragedy. Rumors circulate about “the wealthy Kielland widows” who have received million-dollar compensations. Everyday life appears somewhat different for those affected. Survivors who are unable to return to work in the North Sea face financial issues on top of their traumas. Meanwhile, there’s a raging debate about the fate of the wrecked platform that still remains partially submerged in Gandsfjorden.

See the report from NRK dated May 25, 1981 here (Norwegian, no subtiles avaiable):

NRK TV – Alexander L. Kielland – ett år etter


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