Support for those who lost loved onesWhat caused the Alexander L. Kielland-accident?

Commission of Inquiry

Norwegian Official Reports 1981:11
Written by Norwegian Petroleum Museum
- (Stavanger Aftenblad 26. september 1983)

The Commission of Inquiry for the Alexander L. Kielland accident was set up the day after the accident, which occurred on 27 March 1980. The Commission started its work the same year. Documents from the investigation are now physically stored in the Norwegian National Archives. Everything has been scanned and is accessible in the Digital Archive.  

The main report, Norwegian Official Reports: 1981:11, can be found here: (Norwegian)

After the main report on the Alexander L. Kielland accident was published, it was sent for consultation to 102 agencies, organisations and institutions. 40 consultation responses were received. These were considered in a parliamentary White Paper the following year. 

Parliamentary White Paper 67 (1981-82) can be accessed here (Norwegian): 

The complete set of responses received during the consultation is compiled in a 224-page report available here: (Norwegian)


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