Photos from Kielland seminar 10.10.23.The Red Survival Suit

Kielland Seminar

On October 10th 2023, the documentation project at the Norwegian Petroleum Museum organised a seminar on the Alexander L. Kielland accident.  
Written by Norwegian Petroleum Museum
- Kiellandtreff på oljemuseet. I forgrunnen modell av plattformen “Drilll Master”. Foto: Shadé B. Martins/Norsk Oljemuseum

The Kielland accident is an event that sparks considerable engagement. There are several different theories on what led to the the disaster. One of the primary functions of the Documentation Project is to collect and make public documentation and information about the disaster. This also includes making room for differing points of view.

October 10th 2023 we organized a seminar at the museum where everyone who wished could share their thoughts and points of view about the accident. Approximately 30 registered participants, among them bereaved and other interested parties were presented a variety of inspiring lectures.

After a welcome from acting director Bjørn Lindberg, project manager for the documentation project, Else M. Tiungland, gave an introduction to the project’s background and mandate, and shared information about ongoing activities.  

The aim of the seminar was twofold. Firstly, we wished to present the documentation project and, and secondly, give everyone who wishes to do so an opportunity to share their thoughts on important aspects relating to the accident. One of the main goals of the documentation project is to collect and make all relevant documentation about the accident available. It is also a goal that all perspectives will be heard 

The documentation project is collaborating with the Digital Archive to make as much information as possible available from various archives related to the accident. So far, approximately 200,000 documents have been digitised and made searchable. Eivind Skarung from Arkivverket gave a more detailed presentation of this collaboration 

Kian Reme, who presented various theories about the causes of the accident.  

Presentation Kian Reme

Grame Dick, who shared his perspectives on the causes of the incident 

Presentation Graeme Dick

Ole Østlund, who also contributed with his observations 

Presentation Nils Gunnar Gundersen & Jim Rune Pettersson

Nils Gunnar Gundersen and Jim Rune Petterson, who discussed accident causes 

Presentation Ole Østlund

Dr. France deliberated upon “Finding the true cause of the Alexander L. Kielland Oil Platform Collapse”.

Presentation Dr. Edwin James France



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