The Auditor General’s investigations into the government’s handling of the Alexander L. Kielland accident.Survivors and bereaved in UK.

The Kielland Legacy

Watch films and work with tasks related to Kielland.
Written by Norwegian Petroleum Museum

On March 27th 2020, the Norwegian Petroleum Museum opened it’s exhibit “Remembering Kielland”. It marked the 20 year anniversary since the platform capsized, taking 123 men with it and leaving 89 surviors. The movies and 40 år siden ulykken (both in Norwegian) are available to watch. The latter being an interview with Odd Kristian (Kian) Reme, who lost his brother, Rolf in the accident.

  1. Why should we remember the accident? What does Reme and the others say? Why do you think that it is important to remember the accident?
  2. How do you think an accident such as this can impact the people who are affected by it, being relatives or those who experienced the accident themselves?
  3. What is the official explanation oft the accident?
  4. During the more than 40 years that have passed since the accident, many stories have emerged about it. Everyone who was involved in it has their own story. Different stories about how and why the accident happened have developed. What do you think we should do to write write a history about the accident?
  5. Come up with some examples of how the Kielland accident has affected the industry.
These tasks attempt to encourage reflection, and are designed in such a way that it should be possible to answer watchin only the movies. If students would like more information and some further reading the following materials are available.

Survived the Alexander L. Kielland disaster

Alexander L Kielland – Norway’s worst-ever industrial accident

Kielland memorial


NRK Podcast about Kielland


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