Who were the owners of the Kielland rig?Summer job at Kielland

What was it like onboard Alexander L. Kielland?

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Written by Norwegian Petroleum Museum
- (Foto: Oljedirektoratet/Digitalarkivet)


Do you wonder what it looked like onboard Alexander L. Kielland prior to the accident? In 1980, photography was not something everyone did daily. Mobile phones existed but were so big they had to be carried around in suitcases, and none of them had built-in cameras. Furthermore, those who worked on the rig were not really permitted to take photographs offshore, as using a flash could cause sparks and thus become a fire hazard. There are therefore not many photos of the interior of Alexander L. Kielland before the accident, but some exist.

The Commission of Inquiry received photos of Alexander L. Kielland from the Norwegian Petroleum Directorate. The photos were exempt from public access and were only to be used in the work of the investigation commission. Both the letter from the Norwegian Petroleum Directorate and the photos are now freely available in the Digital Archive here:

Skanna materiale: Justisdepartementet, Granskningskommisjonen ved Alexander Kielland-ulykken 27.3.1980, RA/S-1165/D/L0024: A Alexander L. Kielland (A1-A2, A7-A9, A14, A22, A16 av 31)/ E CFEM (E1, E3-E6 av 27)/ F Richard Ducros (Doku.liste + F1-F6 av 8)/ H Sjøfartsdirektoratet/Skipskontrollen (H12, H14-H16, H44, H49, H51 av 52), 1980-1981, s. 88 – Skanna arkiver – Arkivverket (digitalarkivet.no)


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