89 questions

Kian Reme's book "89 Questions is available to read here.
Written by Norwegian Petroleum Museum

The leader of the Kielland network, Kian Reme has written the book “89 Questions” in which he comments on questions regarding Kielland. Reme has allowed us to publish the book digitally on our site.

Each week we will be publishing a chapter for you  to read. It is also possible to comment and ask questions in the articles where the chapters are published.

Preface, Introduction and Background

Chapter 1: The French Report

Chapter 2: The Documentation Project

Chapter 3: Before the disaster

Chapter 4: Cracks and landfall

Chapter 5: The Catastrophe

Chapter 6: Commission and a turning attempt

Chapter 7: The turning and a Norwegian legal settlement

Chapter 8: French court settlement

Chapter 9:  More questions & Chapter 10: The way forward.


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