Book about “Broken Link”

Andreas Middelthon has written the story about the memorial.
Written by Nowegian Petroleum Museum
- The Broken Link Monument (Photo by Siv Sivertsen)

Andreas Middelthon’s final assignment as a police magistrate at Stavanger Police Station turned out differently than he had imagined. Just days before he was to start a new job at Phillips Petroleum, he receives a phone call. It’s March 27, 1980, and what should have been a quiet Thursday evening at home in Tasta unfolds into one of the most hectic days he has ever experienced. The accommodation rig Alexander L. Kielland has capsized in the North Sea.

Andreas Middelthon becomes involved both in the rescue operation as a police magistrate and later as a lawyer at Phillips Petroleum. He was also the leader of the committee that erected the monument “Broken Link” in memory of those who perished on the Kielland. This has now been made into a book. The book is a valuable contribution to the history of the Alexander Kielland disaster and is written at the request of the project manager for the documentation project on the accident at the Norwegian Oil Museum. The book was launched on March 21, 2024 at the Norwegian Oil Museum, an event that drew significant interest with over 100 attendees.

Bereaved in front of the monument. (Photo by: Siv Sivertsen)

Andreas not only wrote a book about a memorial but also incorporates personal experiences and reflections on grief processes and support for the bereaved. The book is illustrated with photographs by Stavanger photographer Siv Sivertsen, images that strongly contribute to the story.

“Broken Link” at Smiodden has become a much-visited site. It lies beautifully in the landscape in an area well suited for weekend trips. For some, this is a reminder of loved ones who passed away, a symbol of shattered dreams and lives that had to be anchored anew. For others, it is a reminder of our vulnerability and the necessity of continuing to focus on health and safety. The monument can be understood in many ways and interpreted in different directions. Here, everyone can have their own opinion.

Unlike many other aspects of the Kielland case, there has been little controversy surrounding the “Broken Link” memorial. Just this fact alone is worth a book, according to the author.

Here you can read more and buy the book (unfortunately only in Norwegian):

Five stars at “It’s impossible not to be touched.” Gaute Brækken.


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