44 years after the accident

BBC is producing a documentary
Written by Norsk Oljemuseum
- 44 years after the accident. The North Sea was calm on the morning of March 27.(Photo: Else M. Tungland/Norsk Oljemuseum)

On the 27th of March 2024, it was 44 years since the Alexander L. Kielland disaster claimed the lives of 123 men. The tragedy still evokes strong emotions, not only among those who survived and lost loved ones, but also among colleagues, rescue personnel, and other involved parties.

There were men from several nations on the Kielland rig when it capsized, including 34 Britons. Relatives and survivors in the United Kingdom have now formed their own network, called “The Kielland Family.” They came into contact with each other after being traced and visited from Norway[REMOVE]Fotnote: In 2022, the documentation project organized two trips to the UK in collaboration with the Kielland network. On one of the trips, two students from the University of Stavanger also participated.

BBC is currently producing a documentary about the incident aimed at British viewers, scheduled to air during Easter. In connection with this, BBC visited Stavanger in March, along with Wayne Hunter and Laura Fleming, both of whom lost their fathers in the disaster.

Read the BBC article about this here.


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